Saturday, April 23, 2011

About fluff in Magic cards.

So, like many casual players of Magic, I'm a huge fan of the story and art, also called 'fluff' or 'flavor'. The recent leak of the New Phyrexia godbook has one of my all time favorite wonky bits of fluff. Bludgeon Brawl is a card that lets your creatures use any artifact you have as a weapon. Which is only mildly humorous until you realize they can pick up say, the 'Spine of Ish Sah' a miles long metal tendril and use it to bash your opponent to death. Bonus points if you use an unassuming little myr or goblin to do it. Even better if you use a liquimetal coating on the Bludgeon Brawl and allow your guys to pick up the ENCHANTMENT and hit something with it. That's right, I just hit you with a concept. What're you gonna do about it?

As a side note: This Godbook leak must have Wizards absolutely fuming. I mean, steam coming out the ears mad. This is a whole set spoiled in a handy little package all in one swell foop. I can imagine heads are rolling already. (Hence why I'm not posting the full text of Bludgeon Brawl.)

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  1. what was that set they used to have? unglued?