Thursday, May 26, 2011

Switching gears and coming out of retirement.

Hey gang, haven't felt very bloggy lately. Sorry about that, will try to make it up to you. So, here goes.

Productive member of society is a phrase I hear alot, like, constantly. To alot of people those that don't qualify as such are barely people. So here's a question, what the hell does that phrase actually mean?
Well, just looking at it I guess it means someone who contributes to society in some way but most just use it as 'employed' so to be a productive member of society you must be employed. Which makes a kind of sense, everyone who's employed produces something even if it's just a service of some sort but here's my question:

Why not just say 'people who are employed'? I'd be fine with being called unemployed, my goal is to be employed and I should work for that but when you add a flowery method of saying 'unemployed' it's kind of a slap in the face. Especially with all the disdain that phrase seems to aim at people like myself.

So, chime in, if you're still out there. What qualifies someone as a 'productive member of society' to you?


  1. i doubt employed = productive; a lot of the guys on wall street are definitely employed but i doubt they create anything valuable to our society.

  2. 'productive member of society' is a BS phrase that supposed to make you guilty if you aren't employed, as simple as that.